Wednesday, October 1, 2008

AWG presents its range of accessories Gameron

In the gadget category dispensable, we should point out the maracas for Samba de Amigo that goes into over the Wiimote and Nunchuk sold 12 € 99 per pair in all good dairies. Or a light katana sold 29 € 90 to put over his Wiimote for games like No More Heroes, Bleach or Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. In fact, the remote control that acts as a sword.
More anecdotally, we refer to as a replica of the flying Wii Wheel Mario Kart Wii which will have sole difference with the official that contain colored LEDs in the location where you plug the Wiimote, while illuminating d 'soft light. Note that support for this drive is sold separately, allowing the wheel to take a more realistic when you turn it into the air.
Next come the more useful products, which may be of interest to gamers the most serious of you. Note first the Wii Charger Station, sold 39 € 90 which is as a kind of pedestal that of replacing the Wii: just plug the AC adapter sold with the console on that basis, to insert console, and therefore it will be possible to store and recharge both Wiimotes and Nunchucks in the basement, finishes and colors of the console, namely pure white.
Next come two bases for PSP Slim. The first, the Sound Station, immobilizes the console and connects it to several built-in speakers, allowing listening to music or the comfortable viewing of movies without having to take the console in hand and all offering better sound than the console itself. The second, entitled Movie Station, allows the console to recharge while displaying the image thereof on a television via a cable supplied with the base. It is also remote and offers the possibility to use the PSP as a true reader of living independently. We doubt, however, some quality that can provide on a TV screen, given the original resolution of the PSP screen.
Finally, we should point out one last subject, the most interesting of all we believe that the G-Box. The object can easily and without any adjustment is necessary to convert the video signal from any console to display it on a computer screen VGA standard. The G-Box automatically adjusts the optimum resolution for display on it. The case is very simple to use and relatively compact. It comes with a cable to connect all consoles last generation and can also connect the box to a PC. The usefulness? This allows not having to reconnect her to her computer screen after using it to play, simply press a switch on the housing to move from one to another. In short, a well-designed accessories and apparently he, good workmanship, we will test soon in our columns.

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