Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review Dragon Quest Game

Dragon Quest is a fever that spread to millions and millions of Japanese, even stronger than that caused by the very Final Fantasy. After living a second youth in PlayStation 2, the success of the series has been increasing, Nintendo DS being its last and most precious conquest.

Now comes the latest installment finally developed so far, bringing new weight to development by all making it known, perhaps, the best title in the series. We control a hero who must recover its status as an angel, which will force you to visit places and meet all kinds of enemies across a rich and complex mapping.

The most important innovation of this ninth part is its cooperative mode for up to four players, that far from being a simple addition allows us to enjoy the whole game through a local connection. This is cooperative mode, at least, ambitious, since players can manage the adventure as they wish: two of them can fight to the death in one of the many dungeons while the remaining two items of interest in seeking the city.

Moreover, if a participant is on the verge of death, we can use the "call to arms," which will take us instantly to the area in which your partner is suffering more from the account. Although this co-op is a delight, is a handicap to simplify, to some extent, the development of primary and secondary missions, to not complicate the lives of the players. Anyway, do not be alarmed: the game we can take around 40 hours, a considerable time rather than taking into account the nature of its development.

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