Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review Dragon Quest Game

Dragon Quest is a fever that spread to millions and millions of Japanese, even stronger than that caused by the very Final Fantasy. After living a second youth in PlayStation 2, the success of the series has been increasing, Nintendo DS being its last and most precious conquest.

Now comes the latest installment finally developed so far, bringing new weight to development by all making it known, perhaps, the best title in the series. We control a hero who must recover its status as an angel, which will force you to visit places and meet all kinds of enemies across a rich and complex mapping.

The most important innovation of this ninth part is its cooperative mode for up to four players, that far from being a simple addition allows us to enjoy the whole game through a local connection. This is cooperative mode, at least, ambitious, since players can manage the adventure as they wish: two of them can fight to the death in one of the many dungeons while the remaining two items of interest in seeking the city.

Moreover, if a participant is on the verge of death, we can use the "call to arms," which will take us instantly to the area in which your partner is suffering more from the account. Although this co-op is a delight, is a handicap to simplify, to some extent, the development of primary and secondary missions, to not complicate the lives of the players. Anyway, do not be alarmed: the game we can take around 40 hours, a considerable time rather than taking into account the nature of its development.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Counter-Strike Extreme 2010 (PC) Full Download

Description about Counter-Strike Extreme 2010 (PC)
  • Background New Gui
  • Marker gun Advance
  • Background music linkinpark
  • Effect Kill streak
  • Sound realistic
  • New special effect
  • First Person Camera Death
  • Heart beat
  • Gun effect lights

If you start the game, is out, open 'my coputer / local disk c: / program files folder and look for counter strike extreme. Laucher.exe Look for halflife, open it and then insert this cd-key, click OK to close and open again halflife counterattack.

Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore - Playstation 2 - passwords, cheats, tips and tricks.

DOD must-see for the PS2, coming in Game Cheat: Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore.

See Galleries
Beat Team Mode with five characters.

Unlock Tengu
Collect 10 stars in Survival Mode or play with any combination of characters for more than 200 times.

Unlimited Lives
From the main menu, hold R2 and press X, triangle, start a new game and save it. When you load it again you will have unlimited lives.

Random Clothing
Use the Start button to select Tag Mode, and the clothes will be random.

Changing the Team Day
By selecting the stage, hit ball.

Unlock Gallery
Complete Team Mode with at least 5 characters.

Play as Bayman
Complete Story Mode with all characters in easy mode.

All Credits
Complete Story Mode with all characters on very hard mode.

Tricks in Survival Mode
When the fight begins, press Eject to get the CD. Knock down the opponent and continue to beat him. The CD being out does not allow the next character is loaded. Use the attack, Up, Punch, Kick and you will be rewarded. When you think that is enough, put the cd player again and continue.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Cheat Codes

The following cheat codes are available for 2010 FIFA World Cup South Afrika on the PlayStation 3 (PS3).

From the main menu navigate to My 2010 FIFA World Cup, EA Sports Extras, then Unlockable Code Entry. Next, enter one or more of the following codes to unlock the celebrations.

Adidas Ultimate 11 and Classic 11 team.

African Dance celebration.

Baby Cradle celebration.

Dying Fly celebration.

River Dance celebration.

Side Slide celebration.

Speed Skating celebration.

The Flying Dive celebration.

The Prancing Bird celebration.
Performing the Coca-Cola Celebrations

At this time I do not have the key press combinations to perform the above celebrations on the PS3 version of the game. If you have that list please let me know.

The following trophies can be unlocked in the PS3 version of 2010 FIFA World Cup South Afrika.

1998 FIFA World Cup Final (Bronze Trophy)
Beat Brazil using France on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

2 Button Mentor (Bronze Trophy)
Play and win a co-op game where at least one user is on 2 Button Controls.

2002 FIFA World Cup Final (Bronze Trophy)
Beat Germany using Brazil on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

2006 FIFA World Cup Final (Bronze Trophy)
Beat France using Italy on Semi-Pro or Higher Difficulty.

2010 FIFA World Cup Mastery (Silver Trophy)
Defeat all 32 teams that qualify for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

adidas Golden Shoe (Bronze Trophy)
Beat the standing record by scoring 10 goals in an Online FIFA World Cup™ with a single player.

Africa Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from Africa in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

Against all odds (Gold Trophy)
Win the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1/2 - 1 star team.

Asia Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from Asia in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

Better luck needed next time (Bronze Trophy)
Finish the group stage without advancing to the Knockout stage of the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup™.

Co-op Success (Bronze Trophy)
All four co-op players get a match rating of 7 or above in a captain your country match.

CONCACAF Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from CONCACAF in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

Concede No Goals (Bronze Trophy)
Advance from the Group stage in 2010 FIFA World Cup without conceding a goal: Semi-pro difficulty.

Defend, Defend, Defend (Bronze Trophy)
Lift the World Cup Trophy in the 2010 FIFA World Cup scoring 11 or fewer total goals (Record).

Dreams Come True (Bronze Trophy)
Advance past the group stage in the Online FIFA World Cup with a team rated 3 stars or lower.

Europe Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from Europe in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

Fair Play (Silver Trophy)
In a single Captain your country campaign Receive no match bans.

First Team Selecton (Bronze Trophy)
Get promoted to the First team and play a match in Captain your Country.

First time on the world stage (Bronze Trophy)
Play in the Online FIFA World Cup™ with a team that have never qualified for the FIFA World Cup™ Finals.

Hold the Line (Bronze Trophy)
Earn a match rating of 8 or above as a Defender in Captain your Country.

Hospitality and Victories (Bronze Trophy)
Advance through the group stage as South Africa in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Lightning Quick Strike (Silver Trophy)
Score in under 90 seconds to beat the standing record for fastest goal in a World Cup finals match.

Managers First Choice (Silver Trophy)
With a Virtual Pro play a game as the #1 ranked squad member in Captain your Country.

Masterful Performance (Silver Trophy)
Finish a captain your country where one of the players wins an end of tournament award.

Most Hat-tricks (Bronze Trophy)
In Captain your Country score 2 or more hat-tricks in the Finals to beat the standing record.

Oceania Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from Oceania in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

Played well as a team (Bronze Trophy)
Win the Online FIFA World Cup with a 2.5 - 3 star team.

Practice Makes Perfect (Bronze Trophy)
Enter the training grounds to practice after a loss.

Practice Penalty Kicks (Bronze Trophy)
Score at least 5 penalty Kicks in Penalty Shootout Practice.

Pressure Cooker (Bronze Trophy)
Score in a penalty shootout using your Virtual Pro and win the game.

Second Trip, First Goal (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify & Score in the finals using any team that's been to the finals & not scored.

Single Star Group Stage (Bronze Trophy)
Finish the Group Stage in the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1/2 - 1 star team.

Solid Performer (Bronze Trophy)
Achieve an average match rating of 8 at the end of a single Captain your Country campaign.

South America Qualifier (Bronze Trophy)
Qualify as a team from South America in 2010 FIFA World Cup single player only.

The Captain (Bronze Trophy)
In a Captain your Country campaign play a game as the captain for your country's first team.

Three Star Group Stage (Bronze Trophy)
Finish the Group Stage in the Online FIFA World Cup with a 2.5 - 3 star team.

Two Star Group Stage (Bronze Trophy)
Finish the Group Stage in the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1.5 - 2 star team.

Ultimate Underdogs (Silver Trophy)
Win the Online 2010 FIFA World Cup with a 1.5 - 2 star team.

Undefeated Group Stage (Silver Trophy)
Win all three group games and advance to the knockout stage in the Online FIFA World Cup.

Victorious (Gold Trophy)
Win the FIFA World Cup in a Captain your Country campaign.

We'll just score more (Bronze Trophy)
Concede 14+ In the Finals (Record) & Win the World Cup. Semi-Pro or higher difficulty.

World Cup Champion (Platinum Trophy)
Unlock all Trophies In the game.

World Cup Winner (Gold Trophy)
Win the FIFA World Cup Final in 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Solutions

The point of civilian control

Emblems: None
Criteria of range S
Accuracy: Over 70%
Enemies defeated: over 20
Fatalities: 0
Time: less than 12 minutes

Move down the street towards the yellow arrow on your card until you arrive at slaughter: a scene triggers. Move near the counter you can use the entrance on the right side indicated by your partner. Talk to the man. Gather your weapons and equip you to start another scene. Read the reports at the bottom part and then go out and destroy the barrel using the knife to collect a bonus (they are random they contain ammunition, gold or herbs, ever important objects) . Go down the stairs and examine the carcass. Step into the booth on your right and go door to find a new animal carcass. Collect bonuses and exit the building and climb to the building from which came a cry for help to a new scene.

By the end of the kinematic Draw your pistol and shoot the Majin before it gets too close to you. Go into the next room, collect the ammunition and then exit through the window at the bottom. Take a few steps outside to trigger a new scene: you're surrounded by enemies! Two possibilities are available: leak, which is recommended in case your first game, or eliminate all your opponents, which needs to have better weapons and a stockpile of ammunition. Note that this second option will be rewarded with a Topaz Marquise. In both cases, go to the house marked on your map and take yl'herbe red. With the help of your partner, bursts through the metal door, collect bonuses in the barrels and ammunition on the shelf and then take the underground to get away. No danger awaits you, satisfy you fly it at the end of it and climb up the ladder at the end.

Collect the ammunition and the green grass and then pass the red gate. Follow the only possible path and fall at the end of it. Collect the items on the table and then walk into the house to start a new kinematics. A horde of Majin rushes over you at first, block the two entrances into the cupboards before pushing them, this should give you time to collect the bonus in the room. After a while, Chris Kirk called in reinforcements, during the time of communication, exit the house through the window and position yourself in the recess left and shoot the enemies who attack you until the gate is to detonate the executioner. Dodge it and join the main square where you will take a few minutes until the arrival of Kirk.

In addition to numerous bonuses, the most important thing is to collect the gun VZ61 in the fruit stand to the right of the portal at the back. By the arrival of the helicopter, resist as best as you can change position regularly and never leaving you surrounded. You can eliminate the executioner in a stunning shot in the head and then hitting the melee during the few moments when it is stationary: it will take half a dozen shots to overcome but it's worth leave the candle as a gold ring that monetize 5000 credits to the merchant.

Code Tekken 6 and tips

Here is how to get all the playable characters in Arena mode.

Anna: Beat the level in the G Corporation, Millennium Tower
Armor King: Beat the level in the Lost Cemetery
Asuka: Beat the level in the Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts Dojo
Baek: Beat the level in the West Coast Canal Industrial Complex
Bob: Beat the level in the Central District, 11th Avenue
Bruce: Beat the level in G Secutiry Service Operations Headquarters
Bryan: Beat the level in the Southern Woodlands
Christie: Beat the level in the Seahorse Hotel
Devil Jin: Beat the level in the Nightmare Train
Dragunov: Beat the level in the container in Terminal 7
Eddy: Beat the level in the Tekken Force 4th Special Operation Forces Group Compound
Feng: Beat the level in the Deserted Hall
Ganryu: Beat the level in the Aranami Stable
Hwoarang: Beat the level in the Industrial Highway 357
Heihachi: Beat the level in the Mshima Estate
Jack-6: Beat the level in the Container Terminal 3
Jin: Beat the level in Azazel's Temple, Central Corridor
Julia: Defeat all enemies in level G in Science and Technology, Research Building 3
Kazuya: Beat the level in the G Corporation, Millennium Tower Heliport
King: Beat it with Marduk in the level Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom"
Gold Panda Kuma: Beat the level in the North Park Nature
Law: Beat the level in the West District, Chinatown
Lee: Beat the level in the Violet Systems
Lei: Defeat all the enemies in the level ICPO Branch Office
Leo: Beat the level in the 16th Archaeological Expedition's Excavation Site
Lili: Beat the level in the Queen's Harbor
Marduk: Beat the King with the level Mixed Martial Arts Gym "Wild Kingdom"
Miguel: Beat the level in the South Bay Area Warehouse
Mokujin: Beat the level in the Subterranean Pavilion
Nina: Beat the level in the Mishima Zaibatsu, Central Subway Line
Paul: Fight the niveaun in the West District, 13th Avenue
Raven: Defeat the level in the Secret Underground Passage
Roger Jr.: Beat the level in the Mishima Industries, Biotech Research Station Ruins
Steve: Beat the level in the Abyss Gate
Wang: Beat the level in the Fujian Tulou
Xiaoyu: Beat the level in the Mishima Polytechnic
Yoshimitsu: Beat the level in the Kigan Island
Zafina: Beat all levels in enemis's Mystic Village

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Supreme Commander 2

So what's new for SupCom 2? Since Forged Alliance, the last extension date of the first Supreme Commander of water has flowed under the bridges. GPG, the developer, rose at Square Enix. Chris Taylor explains to anyone who will listen that the players want more hardcore titles and a host of good strategy games were released last year. And now Supreme Commander 2 points the tip of her nose as key-feature (as they say in the middle), a single-player campaign that should scotch any player. Well either, launching the campaign and consider the progress made with the help of writers and designers at Square Enix.

The wife of the hero in his role of woman stereotype The wife of the hero in his role of woman stereotype

The scenario, initially, is just average. The campaign starts in the camp of the UEF in the skin of a certain Dominic Maddox, driver Armored Command Unit - the unit queen of the game - his condition. Since the late events of Forged Alliance, the three factions of the Supreme Commander universe live in peace. Until one day when the three decided to break the fragile alliance and destroy his former supporters. Dominic is so despite him back into service quickly and rebelling against their superiors who wish to make the skin civilians Aeon. It must be said that his wife belongs to the church Aeon (the Illuminati) and it does not sound too blooming vault. The scenario we SC2 is narrated through some cutscenes too badly screwed up, but sealed by stereotypical dialogue ( "exhaust you to the city while I defend my love!") And a story not really breathless (the wicked stupid stupid and want to kill civilians and nice, smart and good defenders, preventing them). Well, let's be clear, you do not play SC2 for the depth of his script.

A classic mission with two fronts to defend the same time A classic mission with two fronts to defend the same time

It does not prevent the campaign still be enjoyable to play. Exit missions three hours with huge maps and missions up to much rhythm stretches on a little less wide. And it works fairly well despite the progress archi-classical and objectives already seen 100,000 times. Few tasks that I tried, I could see a base defense for 10 good minutes against a better equipped army, a mission to attack naval and some improvised conventional landings. We feel however that GPG has tried to innovate a bit, as the mission of the UEF in which three plants produce experimental units to the chain of super-powerful machines that are hitting our database. The goal is to capture them while keeping the constant arrival of these huge robots. Funny. Overall, the few missions of the campaign we've made have proved entertaining and sometimes downright fun. But let's be clear, this campaign, if it looks much more rhythmic and compelling than previous episodes, are currently very unlikely to be remembered. We await the test to rule permanently.

Guide to Football Video Games Basics

It's football season for the video game industry. Sports fans drooling to get their hands on the latest copies of the NCAA and NFL games, like Madden NFL 10. Some players want to play, but they are afraid that the games are too heavy for them. Maybe you've read this far and had a bad experience in the past, whether online or offline.
Well, I hope that the basic tips and information you get back on The Game and you will find that it is not the case, if you learn the basics complicated. The tips earlier all use these basic tips and strategies. Those who are not new, soccer can also find some useful tips in this article. So let's get ready for the kick-off. First and Ten Football games for your 'Success
Just because sports titles are becoming more complex, that does not mean you have to do is difficult to attract to you to victory! Sports games are becoming more complex and now have more features than ever. While this is great, make no mistake, the new features. The Game Basic is still the same that was made by The Game football first of all time. You only need to read the offensive and defensive. That's right, you read like a book. It may not seem impossible, but it is a possibility, even the basic set plays to learn and play like a pro with a little practice.
Darn clear that self-pass function! The first thing to try most of the players is the easiest way. Whether The Game is on PC, Xbox, PS2, GameCube, or a handheld, Madden, for example, a way to help. Players can have fun with it and then used to get frustrated when playing against a friend or online. The first tip is to disable all automatic transfer mode. You will not learn to do it if you just wait for the snap the ball, and then the AI to throw the ball to you. Now that you're on your own, in passing, let's talk about the fundamentals of passing plays.
Use the basic parts! Basic play sometimes more effective than the complex. The reason is simple: no one expected. Use this to your advantage. While learning to read The Game manual from front to back! We will now play in the team's first offensive and tips. Most games out there on the same pieces to choose from. Although it looks different, it's just fancy graphics and improvements. The basic parts have not changed and that is a key to be able to compete and enjoy The Game at the same time, no matter the year, the game is released. They have short pass plays, normal and time to choose. Regardless of what the X and the show that never plays a fundamental change. You should be able to read your own player in the first place. Passing - Style Rookie
With the short pass is to play an effective, once you have mastered the time! The overall button layout is almost the same in every game or version. The "A", "X" or "space" key hiking the ball. Then, the icons displayed on your receiver, any other key has on them. This means that the key to the ball, they will pass. Let's go through a short passage from 5-10 meters, a simple but effective way to play. Select the game with a pass short film. Now, most errors are made, not when running The Game, but the timing. A great little tip is to take the ball to score five, and go to the players on the right side of the field. Note that this does not guarantee a successful conclusion any time. There is no one to teach, to learn The Game's the right time for The Game and defense, but more on that later. Practice the game too, at times until you complete some passes and it seems almost too easy.
Passing is so simple that you will be "Read unconscious" defense! They are almost certainly the tip of the ball defense or lose your receiver through customs when you see it at first too. We also know that the games now buttons, pressure sensitive. This simply means that as long as you hold the button to move it more difficult to play for speed and distance. For now, count to five, and then tap the button that corresponds to the symbol on the right side of the field. That sounds too easy right? A large part of it is that you can learn the defense, even without reading it. The next time you have to repeat the ball, everything happens exactly the same only this time on your receiver on the left side of the field. You will, of course, be found to move and shoot quickly to the first, but over time you learn to use these steps to your advantage.

How Often You Cheat The Video Game?

The use of cheats and codes for video games can be a bit tricky, depending on the type of player that you talk to you. Some like it, some love them, and some despise it. Where do you stand on this issue?Video Game Survey
Click on your choice and you will be taken into account the active and the search results.
How often do you use cheats and tips for video games?
1) The whole time, so I play The Game.2) Only after I beat The Game with no fraud.3) Sometimes when I'm stuck, but not for all games.4) Never, cheats are bad and ruin games

About Video Game Cheats

In the world of games, the possibilities are endless. Video games are from the point of action, two basic dimensions developed for the full 3D worlds that are carved from the players.
Realism has grown to such that it is often difficult to tell at a glance processed the difference between an image in a video game and the real thing.
One thing remained constant in video games have cheats, codes, and Easter eggs. But what exactly is it? What are the cheat codes?
A cheat code is a combination of keys or a password, which triggers an event or affect in a videogame. Cheats can be as simple as adding ammunition, a weapon, or increase the health of a character, or change the character of a different character.
An egg is a surprise in The Game, the story of the first Easter egg is hidden unknown, but the developers, they still add to the games and the players seem to enjoy scouting to find them. What is a device to cheat?
In addition to fraud, which can be inserted through a controller or keyboard, is also fraud devices. These pieces of hardware or software designed to help the players enter a code or change the contents of The Game. Some examples are popular GameShark, Codebreaker and Action Replay. Cheat codes are safe to use?
Cheats and codes are used by millions of players around the world, and in general are absolutely safe for the game system and use it. Will play manually enter a cheat code for a game, allowing just a part of The Game, is being built on the code to achieve the desired effect. (ie) Invincibility
However, there are times when you may care to use a cheat code. Cheat codes are the use of downloadable files especially risky, because only the person who knows the additional code exactly what is done when you use the application. Of course, you do not hear many horror stories about fraud in the system by a train, then you are probably safe.
It is important to note that the use of code or the input or with a patch, The Game may be unstable. The most likely effect is the inability to save the game. Whenever there is a risk I am sure that this point was a fraud on the individual pages. What systems have cheat codes?
Almost all video game systems can use a cheat code, one way or another. Here in the video game strategies, a wide range of systems and titles from the popular consoles and portable devices such as PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and PC. A full list is available on our cheat code index are considered. Fraud and files on the devices fools are also listed on the platform and will be found in the same place.

Origins Cheats - Dragon Age for PC

There have been a couple modifications and additions to the Dragon Age: Origins cheat code pages. Now, it should be easy to activate the cheats (even on the Steam version) if you follow the instructions as written. Thanks to all the contributors.
Dragon Age: Origins pc cheat codes are here. They aren't exactly the easiest codes to activate, but they are worth the time once you have them going... here are the details.

Please note: The use of cheat codes for Dragon Age: Origins requires the use of a command line parameter, and editing of a game file. As such, it is highly recommended that you first make a backup of any files before you edit them.

Cheats GTA PS3: Episodes From Liberty City