Saturday, February 13, 2010

Supreme Commander 2

So what's new for SupCom 2? Since Forged Alliance, the last extension date of the first Supreme Commander of water has flowed under the bridges. GPG, the developer, rose at Square Enix. Chris Taylor explains to anyone who will listen that the players want more hardcore titles and a host of good strategy games were released last year. And now Supreme Commander 2 points the tip of her nose as key-feature (as they say in the middle), a single-player campaign that should scotch any player. Well either, launching the campaign and consider the progress made with the help of writers and designers at Square Enix.

The wife of the hero in his role of woman stereotype The wife of the hero in his role of woman stereotype

The scenario, initially, is just average. The campaign starts in the camp of the UEF in the skin of a certain Dominic Maddox, driver Armored Command Unit - the unit queen of the game - his condition. Since the late events of Forged Alliance, the three factions of the Supreme Commander universe live in peace. Until one day when the three decided to break the fragile alliance and destroy his former supporters. Dominic is so despite him back into service quickly and rebelling against their superiors who wish to make the skin civilians Aeon. It must be said that his wife belongs to the church Aeon (the Illuminati) and it does not sound too blooming vault. The scenario we SC2 is narrated through some cutscenes too badly screwed up, but sealed by stereotypical dialogue ( "exhaust you to the city while I defend my love!") And a story not really breathless (the wicked stupid stupid and want to kill civilians and nice, smart and good defenders, preventing them). Well, let's be clear, you do not play SC2 for the depth of his script.

A classic mission with two fronts to defend the same time A classic mission with two fronts to defend the same time

It does not prevent the campaign still be enjoyable to play. Exit missions three hours with huge maps and missions up to much rhythm stretches on a little less wide. And it works fairly well despite the progress archi-classical and objectives already seen 100,000 times. Few tasks that I tried, I could see a base defense for 10 good minutes against a better equipped army, a mission to attack naval and some improvised conventional landings. We feel however that GPG has tried to innovate a bit, as the mission of the UEF in which three plants produce experimental units to the chain of super-powerful machines that are hitting our database. The goal is to capture them while keeping the constant arrival of these huge robots. Funny. Overall, the few missions of the campaign we've made have proved entertaining and sometimes downright fun. But let's be clear, this campaign, if it looks much more rhythmic and compelling than previous episodes, are currently very unlikely to be remembered. We await the test to rule permanently.


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