Friday, February 19, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Solutions

The point of civilian control

Emblems: None
Criteria of range S
Accuracy: Over 70%
Enemies defeated: over 20
Fatalities: 0
Time: less than 12 minutes

Move down the street towards the yellow arrow on your card until you arrive at slaughter: a scene triggers. Move near the counter you can use the entrance on the right side indicated by your partner. Talk to the man. Gather your weapons and equip you to start another scene. Read the reports at the bottom part and then go out and destroy the barrel using the knife to collect a bonus (they are random they contain ammunition, gold or herbs, ever important objects) . Go down the stairs and examine the carcass. Step into the booth on your right and go door to find a new animal carcass. Collect bonuses and exit the building and climb to the building from which came a cry for help to a new scene.

By the end of the kinematic Draw your pistol and shoot the Majin before it gets too close to you. Go into the next room, collect the ammunition and then exit through the window at the bottom. Take a few steps outside to trigger a new scene: you're surrounded by enemies! Two possibilities are available: leak, which is recommended in case your first game, or eliminate all your opponents, which needs to have better weapons and a stockpile of ammunition. Note that this second option will be rewarded with a Topaz Marquise. In both cases, go to the house marked on your map and take yl'herbe red. With the help of your partner, bursts through the metal door, collect bonuses in the barrels and ammunition on the shelf and then take the underground to get away. No danger awaits you, satisfy you fly it at the end of it and climb up the ladder at the end.

Collect the ammunition and the green grass and then pass the red gate. Follow the only possible path and fall at the end of it. Collect the items on the table and then walk into the house to start a new kinematics. A horde of Majin rushes over you at first, block the two entrances into the cupboards before pushing them, this should give you time to collect the bonus in the room. After a while, Chris Kirk called in reinforcements, during the time of communication, exit the house through the window and position yourself in the recess left and shoot the enemies who attack you until the gate is to detonate the executioner. Dodge it and join the main square where you will take a few minutes until the arrival of Kirk.

In addition to numerous bonuses, the most important thing is to collect the gun VZ61 in the fruit stand to the right of the portal at the back. By the arrival of the helicopter, resist as best as you can change position regularly and never leaving you surrounded. You can eliminate the executioner in a stunning shot in the head and then hitting the melee during the few moments when it is stationary: it will take half a dozen shots to overcome but it's worth leave the candle as a gold ring that monetize 5000 credits to the merchant.


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